Go North With Us

Go North With Us

Going North means playing with more rhythm, freedom, precision, and power than you thought possible. Try this great free content to experience for yourself that it works.

Go North With Us
  • Max Homa Swing Analysis

    Michael Powers of Northbound Golf analyzes the swing of PGA Tour Player Max Homa, comparing a swing recently posted on twitter to footage from the 2019 Wells Fargo Championship. His analysis highlights a key balance relationship between the armpits and knees and contrasts Homa's balance and loca...

  • Practice Takeaway Good Or Bad

    Michael tackles the recent trend of the practice takeaway. Tiger and Jack never did it, should you?

  • The Best Way To Start Your Swing

    When people think of how to start the swing, they often focus on the direction or shape. This can lead to a disjointed action. In this video, Martin Ayers of Northbound Golf shows and explains that instead, the best way to start your swing is to begin in sequence. This beginning sequence maintain...

  • The Best Way to Target in Golf

    The most effective way to target in golf is to target along the ground. Michael Powers of Northbound Golf shows you how to accomplish this through targeting at the same angle you view the ball from.

  • What is Ideal Balance?

    Most golfers believe they have to lean toward the ground to hit a ball that is on the ground. What this video demonstrates is that the best players in history are Flat To The Earth in balance and don't lean over at all. Put this principle in your game, and it will make all your shots easier - fro...

  • Strike It On Your Trail Side

    Everyone has a certain amount of power. However much you have, it’s found all the way on YOUR trail side. Here's how you can find it.

  • Avoid Freezing Over the Ball

    Have you ever become frozen over the ball, unable to initiate the swing? In this video, Michael Powers of Northbound Golf identifies and defines the cause of the problem.