The Interaction Series

The Interaction Series

The Interaction Series
  • Introduction

    This video will explain why you need to adopt a new framework to train your swing. Any struggles you endure in playing to your potential has more to do with what you're trying to do, rather than how well you're doing those things. Knowing how you need to act on the club to produce a swing is only...

  • Baton Twirl

    You provide the impetus for the club to swing. Once swinging, the club will move you. Learn what that means for you by performing this exercise in sequence.

  • Direct Action

    We follow on from the baton twirl exercise, by incorporating all of us into the sequence of a free swinging club. We achieve balance in that sequence by remaining direct to the club no matter where it is around us throughout the swing.

  • The Corners

    As stated in the introduction, you need to create the environment for a good swing. this exercise will teach you how to keep pressure on both ends of the swing. This will also constrain your action to a very defined space in relation to you. This will simplify your swing immensely, while at the s...

  • Visual

    You must be blind to the interaction between you and the club. You need to feel it. The exercises in this video will show you how to use your vision to enhance the feel that you must have.

  • The Four Truths

    The four truths are fairly obvious once pointed out. The implications of these four truths, and their significance to your game, are that they place fairly tight constraints on you. This video does not exhaust the significance, but it starts the conversation.